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Equine and Real Estate Photography

Real Estate  Marketing Services 

Digital Still Images                     36 still images  for MLS                                       $100                   

Great for, Agents web site, flyers and advertising.   ​

Digital Still Images in our Virtual Tour Software                                              $140

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Virtual Tours

Erst Photography, LLC has joined forces with RTV (, the #1 ranking Virtual Tour Company and virtual tour software provider in the world. ​

Our Virtual tour software Includes:

Custom Flash &HTML 5 Mobile viewer

Company branding surrounding tour

Agent Picture, Contact information

Link to Agents Virtual Tour Gallery

Link to Agents website

Property description posted to tour

Social Bookmarking

Weekly traffic reports

Link for remote posting of tour

Kiosk tour enabled – Offline tour

Email tour enabled

Image Delivery Engine – Printable stills

Google map, satellite and walk score

Free music enabled (upon request)

Free Co-Agent (upon request)

Additional Items

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Panoramic Views for your Virtual Tours                                                    $30 Each ​

Erst Photography offers both cylindrical and spherical panoramic images.  You choose which is best for you.  High quality 120 – 360 degree views of key rooms give the viewer that “just like being there” feeling.

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Twilight Views                                                                                               2-4 Images   $50 ​

Night, twilight or sunset photographs make a listing stand apart from others.  When the deck and porch lights are lit, homes have that warm and inviting glow about them.  You will simply love the magical and enchanting effect our twilight view has on your prospects as they view your virtual tours enhanced with our twilight shots.   ​

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Elevated View                                                                                                2-4 Images   $50 ​

The elevated shot is a very inexpensive way for your to get those heads turning your way and make your online real estate listings stand tall. Our 16 foot elevated shots capture a simply amazing view of your home while it  captures the property views from over 2 stories In height.

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Virtual Staging                                                                            Per Image Stage        $50

Perfect solution to properties with empty rooms.  Help the potential buyer visualize each room furnished. ​

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Astrozoom                                                                                                                              $35

This is a custom video production that will slowly zoom in on your property from space. Makes a great introduction to your tours.

Additional Location                                                                                                             $35

                       This can include community amenities etc.

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